Population Based Cancer Registry

Population Based Cancer Registries
Cancer Registration is an ongoing systematic collection of data on identified parameters for determining the magnitude and burden of cancer, occurrence of new cases, assessing long term changes in trend and determining the clinical parameters of various cancers. NCRP commenced as a long term activity of Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) with a network of cancer registries across the country in December 1981.

Three Population Based Cancer Registries (PBCR) at Bengaluru, Chennai and Mumbai started functioning since January 1982.Three Hospital Based Cancer Registries (HBCR) at Chandigarh, Dibrugarh and Thiruvananthapuram were initiated in the same year.

PBCRs systematically collect data on all new cases of cancer occurring in a well defined population from multiple sources of registrations (SoR) such as Government Hospitals, Private Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Clinics, Diagnostic Labs, Imaging centres, Hospices and Registrars of Births & Deaths.

ICMR-NCDIR coordinates the activities of the PBCRs. ICMR-NCDIR offers training, technical support, data evaluation and analytics to PBCRs for reporting the incidence, trends and patterns of cancer in the PBCR coverage areas and for India.

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